Accomodation in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi caters to people from all walks of life. There hostel or guest house accommodations for the people with a tight budget, there are 3 star hotels as well as 5 stars to 7star hotel accommodations for people who can afford it.

Due to the ever-expanding skyline and global business prospects there are various job opportunities for people from the education field, to hospitality sector, people are encouraged to come to build the best infrastructure of Abu Dhabi from the engineering field, to designers, architects, landscape artists, environmentalists, workforce labour to name a few.


There are high end luxury 7 star to world class 5 star hotel accommodations available in Abu Dhabi. There are also 4 stars to 3 star accommodations available in selected hotels. There are world brand hotels like the Hilton, Sheraton, Emirates palace hotels, Intercontinental hotel, Hyatt to name a few as well as the high end hotels from UAE like Yas Island hotel, Abu Dhabi Marina hotel, sky bridge hotel etc.


Abu Dhabi caters to the tourists, locals and businessmen with a lot of resorts built compiling the natural beauty of the desert and the lush oasis of the water rich city. The Ain Al Fayda Resort is worth a mention as it is built around natural springs. This resort is open to day tourists as well as people residing in its pristine glory. There are indoor activities available for visitors like bowling, air hockey, video games, etc.

On the other hand there are outdoor fun activities as well as leisure activities like boating on the lake, swimming, playing in the water park etc. There are gardens and picnic spots for visitors. The resort is very near to another tourist attraction the Jebel Hafeet where one can drive to the Hafeet mountain road and loom over the spectacular city view underneath them. The Al Gurm Resort at ALDAR is another famous tourist attraction, is a combination of lavish 5 star suites and residences set among abundant vista of mangrove forests.


Hostel accommodations are provided for immigrants, students, researchers and job seekers. The facilities include studio apartments with kitchenettes, bathrooms, tea and coffee facilities and sometimes even a mess is available.

Guest houses

Guest houses and facilities are available at an affordable budget. Private villas, guest houses, bay side bungalows are available on lease. There are guest house facilities available with many hotels of Abu Dhabi.