The Tour of Abu Dhabi Cultural Lifestyle

Visit the Al Ayalah cultural dancing performed by the people of Abu Dhabi in their splendid white Arab robes they use unique weapons and sing various melodious traditional songs of UAE. You can enjoy the taste the traditional fares of Min Ziman.

There is a local women’s handicraft centre run by the Abu Dhabi Women’s association which showcases the local art and craft of the region being hand-woven by the neighbouring women wearing traditional garbs. The round buildings near the museum are workshops where female artists display distinctive Arabian oils, handmade souvenirs, incense, local dress, silver thread work, and weaving.

The art of falconry is ever so fascinating to witness from the tribes of Abu Dhabi. Heritage Village also known as the Bedouin village is situated bang in the middle of Abu Dhabi which displays various cultural dynamics of the Arabian lifestyle. You get to see the historic Bedouin tribe their lifestyle and culture, the heritage village shows its visitor a live exhibit of the life of the desert tribe before they struck the liquid gold. There are traditional mud houses, old live markets, if you are famished there are eatery joints serving traditional delicacies, there are camel rides available, and one can even witness the old art of falconry.