Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

The desert safaris can be done with the help of the modern 4x4 SUVs or ATVs to reach some of the highest sand dunes in the world; there are the traditional camel safaris and you can even experience the on foot early morning trekking safari, like the age old Bedouin tribes of the desert. There is a horse riding facility for horse enthusiasts, on original well-bred handsome Arabian stallions and mares.

The most celebrated desert safari is the Rub Al Kali desert safari which literally translates as an empty space of land. This desert safari is an authentic desert experience which can be done on camel back with tour guides; one can enjoy the sparse desert vegetation and animal life in the desert. There are some of the biggest and tallest sand dunes present in this desert. This desert is supposed to hold the largest oil reserve, which is still being explored.