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Volcano fountain, lying in the sea front of Abu Dhabi is a major tourist attraction. Its illuminated facade at dusk is the most attractive visual experience. The fountain has an inverted conical shape and from its mouth oozes out majestic orange yellow colour water giving it an effect of a live volcano. You can sit relax in the tranquil view with the water giving out a cool effect at the same time you can enjoy a light snack or refreshment at the stalls surrounding the fountain. However, this beautiful structure was demolished in 2004 for building other mega structures.

The Hili Archaeological gardens are located in the hill fun city of Abu Dhabi. It has a charming garden and a lot of historical richness. The aptly named garden houses a lot of semi excavated or excavated designs like the famous tomb A from which 200 peoples stiff were recovered. Then there are various mounds, mud brick towers, ceramic vessels, soft stone tools and vessels and copper tools present for the visitor to see.

Petrolium Exhibition centre Abu Dhabi, situated in the Abu Dhabi International Exhibition centre is the most admired event in Abu Dhabi. This centre has acclaimed great demand due to its abundance richness in oil and gas. The exhibition is idyllic for students as well as tourists who need to gain insight into the world of petroleum. The exhibition hosts a photo documentary, a video montage of the history of how black gold was discovered and explored. There are instances explaining how the nomadic life of the citizens of UAE transformed into an ultra modern lifestyle after petrol was discovered.

Various islands like the Jebel Dhannais owned by the royal family or oil companies, however, the only tourist attraction is the Dannat luxury resort.

The Al Ain Central gardens are a major attraction for it offers numerous adventure playground activities for children and lush green surroundings for the adults to relax in and watch their kids enjoy. There are landscape art, fountains, bird houses, ponds, amongst the beautiful flowering plants and bushes. Another major attraction is its stunning musical fountains, which is displayed with dancing fountains reaching the height of a building, and a grand colourful display enthrals the onlookers.