Abu Dhabi Food & Cuisine

Traditional food

Abu Dhabi has been able to keep its cultural Arabic cuisine at its heart at the same time welcomes various cuisines from around the globe with open arms. The Arabic authentic food is so delectable and a pleasant experience that locals as well as visitors prefer trying the authentic local cuisine. It is best to visit the local restaurants and markets to taste the Arabian cuisine.

The most sought after menu is the mezzeh or the starters and salads, hummus, moutabel a dip made with roasted aubergines and sesame paste, tabbouleh salad made with chopped parsley, mint and crushed wheat, wara enab stuffed vine leaves, and koussa mahshi stuffed courgettes. Foods like grilled or roast meat, chicken and fish served with flavoured rice are most delicious.

The Ouzi, a whole roast lamb served on a bed of rice garnished with nuts and the matchbous, a spiced lamb and rice dish are usually served as a main food course. Desserts include - Umm ali, a rich bread pudding, muhalabiya, a milk pudding served with rose water and pistachios, and esh asariya, a sweet cheesecake.

The variety of food that this city offers is truly amazing! If you're adventurous when it comes to food, you can try the local foods in Abu Dhabi. Fatayer are pastries made of cheese, tomatoes, honey and chicken. Shwarmas are chicken or lamb roasted on a spit and served in pita bread. The traditional tea served in conventional tea pots at the local markets is another attraction.

World cuisine

Abu Dhabi offers world cuisine restaurants as well as gourmet fine dining restraints from around the world. There are Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, American, Mexican, European food chains available for locals as well as tourists. There are tea and coffee lounges available. The tea and coffee ranges from authentic Arabic tea to tea and coffee from around the world. The hotels provide cuisine from the gourmet chefs from around the world.