Future Ambitions of Abu Dhabi

Masdar City (Arabic meaning source):

Masdar City
On February the 8th in 2008 the government of Abu Dhabi launched an ambitious plan to create what aims to be the world's most sustainable city 'Masdar city' which will be the phase one city allowing many other similar projects to follow once this project is successful, it is 17km from the centre of Abu Dhabi. Its aim is to make it a hub for world businesses, education, living, research especially in the field of renewable energy. The project is being lead with a vigour and futuristic hope for a better and greener tomorrow.

One phase of the city is completed with the Masdar research institute. It aspires to be a city based on zero waste, zero carbon emission, and city on low electricity drawn from renewable resources, low water stipulate and

Masdar City

a fossil fuel free city. The city waste water will be used to build the city's landscape and green spaces. This means there will be clean air to breathe and the pedestrians' only streets will enable a healthier fitter lifestyle.

The ultimate aim is to give the world an example of living a high quality of life without harming the environment and in turn the human health. The design and geographic location of the city is based on the age old Arabic (desert) architectural inspiration. The city is based on a north east structural design avoiding over exposure to the desert sun.

Masdar City

The overall layout maximises ventilation; the one side tapering roof of the buildings allows air flow.

The landscape is based on a green garden city like structure creating a cheerful green environment; the large scale zero emissions subway driverless transportation is completed and is being successfully used by the occupants of the city; water features are created to cool the surrounding air; there is a metro system for swifter transport. Already a reality on completion it will be a forerunner and inspiration for the world to see. More info at masdarcity.ae

Masdar City

Masdar City

Masdar City

Artificial Island

Amongst its 200 natural islands Abu Dhabi has been successful in making a manmade island namely the Lulu Island. It stretches from the Abu Dhabi Breakwater to the Zayed Sea Port. It is 7 kilometres in length, 3 kms of which faces Abu Dhabi Corniche. The island aims at attracting tourists and locals to its various water sports activities, leisure activities etc. Lulu Island, Abu Dhabi is certainly a recreational paradise for tourists & locals.

The island offers an enormous beach front with boulevards, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, fresh water lakes with boating facility, horse and camel riding. There are marinas, changing cabins for water sports enthusiasts, gardens, canals, play zones, animal and bird sanctuaries, resort accommodations to name a few. The artificial island was made with an aim to cater to the growing population and tourist influx in Abu Dhabi as well as restoring the various islands inhabited by wildlife. Hence, it has avoided exploiting the natural wildlife of the various island and used technology to create another alternative for humans.

The cost of visiting the island by boat is Dh15 for adults and a free entry for toddlers. The fee for the trip includes trip to the island in an air-conditioned vessel with a capacity to ferry 60 passengers, or another 25-seater ferry, which will sail every 30 minutes from the marina by the Heritage Village near Abu Dhabi Corniche. Visitors can tour Lulu Island in an open-roof train at a cost of Dh5 per person. Lulu Island is an ongoing development, with state of the art facilities being added time and again.

Al Raha Beach

The Al Raha Beach will be a micro city where people can live, tour, have leisure activities, shop, explore, work, research, study and have a whole life experience. It is also known as ‘the Ultimate waterfront city' with a massive 11km coastline, it offers its visitors and inhabitants 43kms of vibrant waterfront experience. It is situated only 20km away from Abu Dhabi city centre and 10 minutes from the Abu Dhabi airport.

Al Raha beach is not only a beach city of Abu Dhabi but its iconic structure the Aldar HQ gives a thumping position to Al Raha beach on the world map. And the iconic structure is simple yet awe inspiring which gives a feel of a round disc like sky scraper looming over the horizon. The design inspired from nature, resembles an oyster shell from the width of the creation. Abu Dhabi caters to people from all walks of life. There hostel or guest house accommodations for the people with a tight budget, there are 3 star hotels as well as 5 stars to 7star hotel accommodations for people who can afford it.

Due to the ever-expanding skyline and global business prospects there are various job opportunities for people from the education field, to hospitality sector, people are encouraged to come to build the best infrastructure of Abu Dhabi from the engineering field, to designers, architects, landscape artists, environmentalists, workforce labour to name a few. Abu Dhabi offers not only its citizens but also the cosmopolitan population to enjoy a very sought after lifestyle.

The sun kissed city with its cool shoreline, and custom planted lush trees make an ideal environment for nature lovers. Abu Dhabi is strikingly integrating the rich history and culture along with new innovative ideas to build a magnificent awe inspiring world within. Great efforts are being put to preserve the authentic spirit of Arabia in this ever changing modern Metropolis. Abu Dhabi is a fore runner in inspiring the world where the city along with its people has made and still striving in making a parched city into a magical land of beauty and serenity. More info at alrahabeach.com