Geography of Abu Dhabi

The island of Abu Dhabi is situated 250 meters from the mainland. It is geographically located in the north-eastern part of the Persian Gulf in the Arabian Peninsula. Abu Dhabi's coastline extends to over 600 kilometres and occupies a significant percentage of the landmass.

The emirate of Abu Dhabi covers an area of around 67340km^2, which comprises mostly of deserts. At present Abu Dhabi has an impressive population of 1.45 million. Abu Dhabi emirate is an archipelago where nearly 200 islands are strewn along its coast and it boasts of having the longest coastline in the UAE, which is 700 kilometres. Desert dominates Abu Dhabis terrain, covering as much as 70 percent of its land area. However, the city of Al Ain in Abu Dhabi boasts a highly fertile soil relative to other emirates in UAE, which has encouraged the growth of vast vegetation in the area.

Abu Dhabi has the Liwa oasis, located at the centre of the Al Dhafra region, where greenery and water resources are in abundance. The two and a half-hour drive from the capital city to Liwa provide visitors with a magnificent view of some of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in the world. There are further efforts to make this desert land into a green oasis using natural and innovative ideas.