Abu Dhabi Transport

Airport Abu Dhabi

International Airport (AUH) is the city's main aviation hub and the second busiest airport in the UAE due to the year round rush of tourists, businessmen, immigrants alike. There are more than 40 airlines flying to and fro from eighty cities in over 45 countries around the globe. Abu Dhabi International Airport is operated by the Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) since 2006, the airport runs around the clock. Abu Dhabi Airport Website

Abu Dhabi Future Airport
Abu Dhabi Future Airport

Car rental

Abu Dhabi offers car rental services to and fro starting from the Airport, for sightseeing or for travelling internally in Abu Dhabi. The services can be availed through the internet before arriving to Abu Dhabi, from the airport taxi service facility, from the hotels or locally.


Abu Dhabi proffers luxury cruises at the same time it offers the traditional Dhow cruise on a traditional vessel previously used by merchants and traders on the gulf waters. For tourists as well as locals, the Abu Dhabi Dhow cruise offers evening cruises for an onboard multi cuisine dinner and entertainment.

Yacht private/hired

Abu Dhabi caters to world class mega-yachts and super- yachts. Whether you are planning a business trip, private party, family reunion, or a romantic getaway the several yacht clubs and organizations will offer you your custom required yacht, along with state of the art technology, crew, cuisine, guided tour around the bay, highest levels of security to name a few. Abu Dhabi has proudly hosted the Abu Dhabi Yatch Show 2009, to create a niche in the world of Yachting, and it lived up to its expectation by being a world class event. The yachts showcase finest products along with latest trends. The yacht show allowed opening a new marine culture which was previously enjoyed only in the western countries.

Public Bus

The Ojra bus service runs daily from 5am to midnight during the week and until 2am on the weekend. Various fares make the public transport affordable and comfortable. Ojra Passes are available at designated Ojra Kiosks at bus stops, at Marina Mall, Al Bateen Mall, Abu Dhabi Co-op Al Mina, Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Wahda Mall and other select outlets. Comprehensive maps with all bus routes and their timings are provided on Ojra website. The buses stop at the main stations designated to each route, as well as at every lay-by between the main stops, should passengers wish to board or disembark. Bus Network maps and timetables.

Public ferries

Public ferries have taken up service between Jebel Al Dhanna and Delma Islands and various other islands too. The ferry system is fully operational with three (3) daily trips departing from each port, thus making it possible to visit Delma Island and return to the mainland in one day. The ferry service is available for locals, tourists and people with vehicles too. The booking can be done from the internet, hotels, tour guides or locally.