Abu Dhabi Zoo and Aquarium

Abu Dhabi has made efforts to build zoos and aquariums. The Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium is a major attraction with a array of wildlife and exotic animals from around the world. The Zoo authority is making efforts to sustain the life of the wild animals at the same time breed the near extinct wildlife. However, the authority has taken into consideration certain wildlife that cannot survive in hot and humid climate and avoided adopted them or if they are adopted then taking special care and providing special facility to the wildlife.  

There are lions, tigers, pumas, black and spotted leopards and jaguars amongst the exotic animals. A variety of African antelope, such as Oryx, Eland, Gazzelle and Lechwe are on display. There is a monkey and gorilla habitat available for view. There are various reptile species housed in the reptile house namely various snakes, iguanas, lizards etc. The Aquarium has exotic water and marine life stock displayed, which are flown in from around the world.